Is anyone out there as sick of public begging as I am? I’m not talking about homeless street people. I’m speaking about the endless phone calls begging for money, the begging on TV, even on your computer.

A few of these charities deserve our help, but some of this is getting ridiculous.

No one seems to think it is their own job to take care of their own problems. You need an operation? Beg the public. Your kid is sick? Beg the public. Your dog got shot at? You get the picture. Every store has a jar, begging money for everything from operations to bald tires.

Then on TV, they show you big-eyed starving children in Northeast Allegamorphia, which only you can save with your fast-depleting pocketbook. They don’t mention that the government of said Allegamorphia grabs the money and buys arms with which to kill the people of South Allegamorphia, whose government does the same thing, while the kids starve.

I even saw a plea on my computer by a young woman who wanted money so that she and her new husband could have a honeymoon in Aruba. Hey, lady, get a job and save your pennies.

And how many billions does it take to research Lou Gehrig’s disease? Breast cancer, etc.? Of course, research takes money, but how many billions? Looks like a bottomless pit to me.

I don’t think Jonas Salk needed billions, and he wiped out polio.

Phyllis Berry

North Anson

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