I do not reside in state Senate District 15. If I did, I would vote to re-elect Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, to the Senate. I have known Roger for many years and have always admired his intelligence, his straightforwardness and his commitment to good government.

Having spent my career working with Maine’s low-income population, I especially appreciate Roger’s recognition that poverty is a complex issue, not easily encapsulated in sound bites or sweeping generalities. Roger knows that, in order to confront the problems facing the poor, fiscal responsibility must be coupled with an understanding of the multiple factors that lead to poverty. For this reason and others, I urge my friends in District 15 to re-elect Roger Katz to the Maine State Senate. As for me, I will vote to return Sen. Earle McCormick, R-West Gardiner (District 14), to serve alongside Roger in the 127th Legislature.

Barbara Hamblin


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