As a fellow Health and Human Services Committee member, I know Rep. Ann Dorney, D-Norridgewock, is a tireless advocate for seniors. She fights for property tax relief and against cuts to vital programs like Drugs for the Elderly and Meals on Wheels.

Allan Laney (letter, Sept. 25) is wrong about what happened this session in the Legislature. Dorney never voted against funding nursing homes. In fact, she voted for $38 million in new funding. It was a big priority for her.

In the last hours of the session, Gov. Paul LePage tried to divert $5 million in tobacco settlement funds for a one-time payment to nursing homes. The Appropriations Committee worked on the measure, but the entire committee, Republicans and Democrats, voted to abandon the bill after learning that the governor would veto any amended version.

Dorney never voted against the governor’s bill. It never even came to the House floor.

Rep. Drew Gattine

D-Westbrook, District 126

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