I not sure about other voters, but my view is that political advertisements and pamphlets are a waste of time and money for all those involved in the political processes.

They tell us nothing about how that person thinks. How are they going to try and solve the difficult problems ahead of them? What are the three most important issues that they will fight to improve while they are in office?

What obstacles do they see being in the way to the goals? What are their ideas and plans to execute those ideas? Explain those ideas so we may all understand. If they can’t explain their plans for fixing problems that they are passionate about maybe they don’t understand their own ideas well enough.

If I ask for any more than that, I deserved to be lied to. Do we as a nation prefer to be lied to? The truth is yes. Most people don’t want to hear the truth. So politicians tell us what we want to hear.

My challenge is for anyone running for a political office is to put a video on YouTube explaining their three top issues and a detailed explanation about how they will try to overcome the obstacles. Do they recognize what obstacles they will be up against? They should tell us about the plan in detail, giving us their thoughts, data and evidence on why they think their plan will work.

Then they should tell us why should we vote for them.

Robert Brown, Oakland

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