I am a Waterville native, born and brought up in this wonderful city, doing my best as a single dad to raise my daughter, Jenna. I graduated from Thomas College, with a master’s in education and am the CEO of Mid Maine Electronics.

I am running for City Council because Waterville residents are hurting, businesses are struggling, taxes are smothering us and city officials aren’t hearing our voices. If elected, I will open up the channels of communication through surveys, questionnaires, emails, house visits and phone calls.

My agenda is to “Give a voice to our community,” business friendliness, tax relief, eliminate the $2 per bag trash policy, grow jobs, support education and policies that grow our economy, so Waterville can once again become a thriving commercial hub of central Maine.

If elected, your voices will be heard, and I’m asking for support of voters in Ward 6.

Jibryne Karter


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