If you like Maine, or Rangeley, or are a hiker like me — Susan Collins must go.

She wants to blast a 50-foot deep crater in the pristine area between Sugarloaf and Saddleback to install an interceptor missile. It would severely disrupt Rangeley, destroy a nice area for a nonexistent threat of — get this — North Korea or Iran. They don’t have missiles that can reach here.

It’s pork barrel paranoid delusional waste-of-billions insanity, so Collins can get some more stars from her Armed Services Committee or some such.

Iran has not invaded anyone since.1738.

Unlike Collin’s vote to give Bush everything he wanted 12 years ago, this is even worse for us in Maine.

It’s time for Shenna Bellows, who is far more thoughtful, independent, and, I believe, intelligent. We must get rid of Collins. She’s a delusional dinosaur, and is prepared to waste billions and destroy the area near Rangeley.

Ted Elliott


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