I have followed the career of Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, for quite some time. While mayor of Augusta, Roger worked with the City Council to keep our property taxes down.

Now that Roger is serving in the state Senate, his ability to get things done is even more apparent — and needed. He is known for his credibility and passion for doing the right thing — even going against the governor of his own party from time to time.

From a personal standpoint, however, it is Katz’s previous support for the horse racing industry that prompted me to write this letter. Maine has lost its shoe, textile and poultry industries; I’m afraid the horse racing industry will be next.

Without a casino/racino in southern Maine, the industry will die very soon. Can you imagine the headline “No Horse Racing at Windsor Fair”? Unbelievable!

Please help re-elect Katz to represent District 15.

David R. Slocomb


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