Who is better equipped and has a heart as big as Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, to carry the torch in District 15?

His accomplishments speak volumes that have me in full support of re-electing him. Katz is a man who gives and gives.

He helped clean up the Maine Turnpike Authority, worked hard to bring natural gas to the area, helped bring about needed welfare reform, increased access to essential dental care, helped protect cellphone privacy and computer records from government snooping.

He is a local “boy” who grew up here, stayed here and dearly loves our community. After several bad shots, I got to sink him in a dunk tank this past summer.

Katz is one of the few who can and does work equally well with both the Democrats and Republicans. He has perspective.

The choice should be easy — vote for Katz.

Leif Dahlin


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