Maine’s climate for business taxes was ranked 33rd in the country this year, dropping four places from its No. 29 ranking last year.

The drop reflects an increase in the state sales tax, according to the Tax Foundation, a research think tank that compiles and releases the annual index.

The index analyses more than 100 tax variables in five categories, including sales tax. No. 1 is considered the best and 50 is the worst.

Maine enacted a general sales tax increase from 5 percent to 5.5 percent last October, the only state to enact such a tax, according to a release from the Tax Foundation.

The increase placed Maine at No. 9 in that tax category.

In other categories, the state ranked 45th in corporate tax structure; 22nd in individual income tax structure; 40th in property tax structure; and 42nd in unemployment tax structure.


The top 10 states with the best tax environments for business were Wyoming ( No. 1), South Dakota (2), Nevada (3), Alaska (4), Florida (5), Montana (6), New Hampshire (7), Indiana (8), Utah (9) and Texas (10).


The 10 states rated as having the worst environments for business were New Jersey (50), New York (49), California (48), Minnesota (47), Vermont (46), Rhode Island (45), Ohio (44), Wisconsin (43), Connecticut (42) and Iowa (41).

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