I have been friends with Jibryne Karter for about five years. I find his exuberant personality is one of his best attributes. Jibryne is passionate about his community and is one of the most giving and caring people anyone could ever meet.

I heard about the recent community cleanup day, which Jibryne organized. He picked up more than 2.2 tons of debris and litter, totally remarkable. This is just one example of how passionate Jibryne is about helping his community.

Jibryne also has given hundreds of hours of his time volunteering for local nonprofits and schools, and he also gives back by refurbishing computers and donating them to those in need. If people want their voices heard, Jibryne is someone who will be a strong advocate for his constituents.

I encourage Ward 6 residents to vote for Jibryne Karter for City Council.

Scott Stevens


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