GARDINER — An exhibit by Maine photographer Jym St. Pierre will open Tuesday with an artist reception set for 5:30-8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 14, at Monkitree Gallery. The photos are from St. Pierre’s Maine Landsc[r]apes, a series 25 years in the making, according to a press release from the Gallery. These are not the familiar and predictable Maine landscapes the state is known for. They come with a twist, requiring you to look a little deeper into your picturesque surroundings, challenging you to discover the incredible beauty of imperfection. “I found myself drawn to images that were not just pretty pictures and not merely scars on the Earth,” St. Pierre said in the release, “but a combination of both; images that can be viewed as pleasing and provocative at the same time.”

St. Pierre sees the world through the perspective of a lens, even when he is not behind the camera. Each fleeting moment that has gone undocumented increases his expectations that another moment of equal quality will eventually appear. This inspires him to continue looking for his next shot, as he has throughout his 40-year, award-winning career. Moments like these are what make up the body of work seen in St. Pierre’s Maine Landsc[r]apes series.

St. Pierre has been published in many periodicals including numerous newspapers, Sierra Club publications, and People magazine. His photos have also been used by published authors for books including On Wilderness (cover art), To The Wilderness, and Between Person and Place. Come and experience the State of Maine’s imperfect beauty through a different set of eyes.

The exhibit can be seen at the 263 Water St. gallery Nov. 4 through Jan. 10, 2015.

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