How long are roads expected to last? My street, Morgan, has been overlaid once in 50 years. It is scheduled to be reconstructed in 2019.

The street would still be usable were it not for the ruts left by excavation done by the utilities and contractors.

Several years ago, Pleasant Street and Eustis Parkway were redone. Within months, Pleasant was carved up and now has several major patches. Mayflower Hill was done last year and already has some cracks and patches.

College Avenue and parts of Main Street have just been completed. Care to wager how soon they will be dug up and patched? I’m thinking less than six months.

Now, Summit Gas is digging channels for gas lines in all our main roads (at least 3 times). Who will be responsible for the potholes that come up in a few years? Waterville taxpayers will foot the bill and repairs to our vehicles.

Any entities, be they utilities, contractors or private owners, should be responsible to maintain their patches until the entire road is need of repair from normal vehicle wear. We pay taxes so the city can, in part, maintain our roads. As part of our utility bills, we pay for any excavation necessary. We pay state and federal taxes on gasoline to maintain roads (not to be diverted to the general fund, but that’s another matter).

This all being said, I do appreciate all the hard work and concern for city residents exhibited daily by the Waterville Public Works Department and employees. We should not add additional, unnecessary patch work to their work load.

What’s your opinion?

Jim Begin


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