I spent the better part of the last 50 years in Jackman. My mother was born there in 1935. My grandfather was born there in 1893. When I was very young, bears were as common as any other wild animal. The trash dumps, the restaurant dumpsters were full of food, trash cans were allowed everywhere. Bears were a part of the town’s culture.

When I was 9, a moose attacked a car. When I was 18, a moose killed a person. When I was 26, a moose-car collision killed a young person from town. How many people have been killed in Maine by bears?

I realize this newspaper is pro-bear hunting. However hunting is no longer the issue. Trapping, baiting and hounding a living thing to death is the issue. If a person calls themselves a hunter, they cannot be proud of killing a bear when the bear is snared, treed, or eating lunch.

Ed Morris


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