AUGUSTA — At least 20 young people were issued summonses for underage drinking and a 22-year-old was charged with allowing minors to consume alcohol at a residence Friday night after city police busted a party on Mayflower Road.

Charged in connection with the underage drinking party was Samantha Tupper, 22, of Augusta, police said, whose 33 Mayflower Road home was the site of the party.

The other 20 partygoers were either under 18 or ages 18 to 20.

“Several parents were contacted to pick their kids up in order to ensure their safety,” Deputy Chief Jared Mills, of the Augusta police, said in a news release.

Sgt. Christian Behr said Saturday police contacted the parents or guardians of all attendees under 18.

Police descended on the house about 11:30 p.m. after receiving tips earlier in the day that there might be an underage drinking party somewhere in the Mayfair neighborhood area that night, according to the release.

Behr said an officer received an anonymous tip Friday afternoon that there could be an underage party somewhere in Mayfair, a residential neighborhood on the east side of Augusta, later that night.

Police had tried to find the party early to stop it from happening, but they couldn’t with limited information, the release said. Police continued to monitor the Mayfair area, and officer Jon Provisor noticed people coming and going from a residence about 11:30. Provisor was assisted at the scene by officers Anthony Drouin, Adam Moody and Ben Murtiff.

About the same time Provisor noticed activity at the home, Behr said, police received a noise complaint about the house.

“It was a combination of Officer Provisor’s observations of foot traffic and cars at the house, and the earlier complaint there could be a party in Mayfair, that made us want to sniff out that house,” Behr said.

Behr said the partiers were cooperative and there was no indication any of them were severely impaired by alcohol when the party was broken up. He said they all appeared to be from Augusta.

All told, 22 summonses were issued to at least 20 people for underage drinking, police said. The incident remains under investigation.

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