I was so saddened to hear that the nurse who worked with Ebola patients and her boyfriend moved to southern Maine.

I would remind them that not all of Maine is as narrow-minded and driven by fear as those in Fort Kent appear to be.

This nurse has done amazing work helping those who were ill in Africa and never had Ebola nor was a threat to anyone. Trying to ride their bikes on a rural road only to be followed by the media chasing them down was mass hysteria at it ugliest. She never had Ebola, never showed any symptoms of the disease nor did her boyfriend.

She was the person best qualified to monitor herself in this situation, not the head of Maine Department of Health and Human Services nor the Centers for Disease Control spokeswoman, who should have known better. She never put anybody at risk and, if she was such a risk, why were the nurses monitoring her for temperature chance allowed into the house with no protective gear on?

Her expertise is badly needed in this state and she would make an amazing addition to the CDC, which is sadly understaffed. I’m sure her boyfriend will be an amazing nurse as well, and there are other schools of nursing in the state that would welcome him.

Roberta Kelly


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