Are health care costs crippling? What about health insurance costs? We have to be a nation of suckers since we have the highest costs and the worst outcomes of all the advanced nations on Earth.

I am too patriotic to fall for the idea my government has the money to pay $13,000 in my behalf, that will bankrupt my country and if I use it, it will bankrupt me, too.

I just had an X-ray on my foot for $32; the cost for reading that X-ray (digitally at a remote location) was $538. Cost of a reading at a radiologist’s office would have been $23.

Mind you, the $538 is the insurance rate mandated by law. The X-ray was not medically needed as the physician diagnosed the issue mechanically, but added the X-ray just in case.

I am a human, not a cow to be milked. I pay my just debts but this is just a plain swindle anyway you cut it.

I advise people to use any other resource than a hospital for services. Remember, $538 vs. $23.

Bruce Clark


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