Enough already. Since when is $12 an hour good money? I used to make $12 an hour — 30 years ago.

Now if you apply for a job, it’s $8 to $12 an hour on Craig’s List.

Who can survive on a $9 or $10 an hour job?

Oh, yeah, Paul LePage created jobs all right — if you like eating macaroni and hot dogs every night.

It’s no wonder Maine is the poorest state in the northeast and most of the country. This is the saddest economical state in the U.S. Who wouldn’t flee this state to move to civilization where you can actually buy a home or new car or have prospects of a future?

The paper industry, the textile mills and even the food processing plants are gone.

I’m 59 and can’t find a job to save my life. There used to be work everywhere. There’s nothing now, though, unless earning $8 an hour is what you call a job.

Jeff Hunter


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