‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the state

Every creature was stirring, hoping to stay up late.

We want to see Santa, landing on the roof in his sleigh,

He’ll be bringing gifts, for which we don’t have to pay.

But wait! Our governor says, welfare that would be,

Our kids can’t receive those gifts, without a photo ID.

Now it’s night, and the kids are nestled deep in their beds,

With visions of Santa and his gifts, dancing in their heads.

Mamma and I are dancing around, too,

Trying to figure out what we can do.

Christmas morning is looming, and without Santa’s gifts,

Our kids will be crying, and we will be. too.

But then we heard on the roof, an incredible clatter,

And I sprang from the house, to see what was the matter.

On the front lawn, looking up on the roof,

I saw Santa, with six moose on the hoof.

Santa slid down the chimney, with gifts for the kids, momma and me.

So I rushed back inside, to confess that we’ve no photo ID.

But then to my surprise, with a smile on his face,

Santa said IDs have no place,

At Christmas when we remember Christ’s birth,

And celebrate with good will and mirth;

Remember Christ’s promise, that what we do for the least of us,

We do for him, without IDs or fuss.

And here’s more good news, said Santa, the governor and his missus agree,

So here are your gifts, and they are still free.

But the governor joins Santa tonight, in giving you this shout out,

That service to others, is what Christmas is all about.

Give of your money, and give of your time,

And your Christmas morning, will be truly sublime.

Then I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight—

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

NOTE: With apologies to “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” written by Clement Clarke Moore.


George Smith is a writer and TV talk show host. He can be reached at 34 Blake Hill Road, Mount Vernon 04352, or [email protected]. Read more of Smith’s writings at www.georgesmithmaine.com.


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