The story by Amy Calder, “Santa delivers my best gift,” Dec. 21, renewed my faith in humanity. The Kringleville Santa gave out far more gifts to the children than department store Santas could ever hope to deliver through empty promises of toys. He truly passed out the gift of love. Unconditional love. This love was not a promise of something that might come at a future date. It was freely given at that moment.

Obviously, Kringleville Santa was blessed with a great deal of love in his heart. He had so much, there was plenty to be bestowed upon others, and he was able and willing to share it. I’ve no doubt that there are many young adults today who sat on Santa’s lap and are better and loving people for it. If this Santa could just reach more people, we might just get the Christmas wish we always hope for, but rarely receive: “Peace on Earth, good will toward all.”

Calder’s column brought to memory the New York Sun editorial and letter, written in 1897: “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” This was another story of love that has lived for so many years.

I clipped “Santa delivers my best gift” and put it in my scrap book. Perhaps a hundred years from now, someone will “discover” it and it and the story will be told again. Hopefully, by then, everyone will have received this gift of unconditional love.

May there be peace on Earth and may there be peace in your hearts.

Peter P. Sirois


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