Where has governmental honor gone?

Our national elected officials once had honor, placing our country’s needs before personal priorities.

What happened? I believe it starts with lack of leadership. However, honor eroded. Presidents failed to enforce laws. At first, it may have seemed harmless. But, then there’s the ever-dangerous slippery slope. More laws went unenforced to larger degrees. Unconstitutional laws were passed.

Here’s one example: every president and congressman has violated their oath of office since 1947 because the Constitution provides for an Army and Navy, but not an Air Force. I am not saying we shouldn’t have one, but until the Constitution is amended, every president and congressman voting for financing the Air Force commits an impeachable offense.

Things get worse from one administration to the next.

Take illegal immigration. Elected leaders have long ignored porous borders. The symptoms were occasionally addressed, but not the cause: unenforced laws.

Governmental transparency is non-existent. Endless scandals parade by: Benghazi; IRS; illegal prisoner swaps; NSA and DOJ spying on citizens, reporters and Congress; Congress passing bills with unknown contents; fast and furious; veterans dying while they wait for medical care; EPA; HHS; and presidents incredibly stating they first heard about some of these issues through the news.

People see this lack of leadership when race baiters rampantly push false narratives, mayors tell their sons they should fear officers protecting them and presidents saying police acted stupidly for performing their duties.

Ambush attacks on police tripled in 2014.

Will our so-called leaders do the honorable thing? Will they renounce lawlessness and prosecute lawbreakers? Will they start following and upholding the Constitution and laws? Don’t count on it. It’s not in their self-interests.

So, what do we do? Educate ourselves and our neighbors, and remember when the above voting time arrives again.

Greg Paquet


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