NEW PORTLAND — Western Mountains Baptist Church recently announced pastor Tom DuBois has been hired as the full-time pastor. For the past eight years, DuBois has held a part-time pastor position at Western Mountains Baptist Church in addition to his full-time position as director of engineering at Main-Land Development Consultants in Livermore Falls. DuBois lives in Salem with his wife, Betsy, and daughter Allison.

Since the building of the new church in June 2011 the need for a full-time pastor became apparent as membership has grown. DuBois plans regular office hours at the church, provide more visits to attendees, offer more biblically based classes and do more outreach into the local communities. Jean Boucher, elder, of Kingfield, said in the release, “having a full-time pastor will help more people to get ministered to and to grow in their faith.”

At the Western Mountains Baptist Church, Sunday school classes for all ages are held at 9 a.m. before the 10 a.m. Sunday morning worship service. Throughout the week there are many opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. A men’s breakfast is held the first Saturday of each month and a men’s Bible study is held Monday evenings. Bible studies for women are held weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A potluck and Bible study, open to anyone, is held Thursday evenings. Youth Group is also held on Thursday evenings. A Gems Club for young girls, ages 4 through fourth grade, is held twice each month. An Intercessory Prayer group is held on Saturday evenings. Family Days, movie nights, monthly potlucks, conferences, soccer events and community events are held throughout the year.

For more information, call the church office at 265-2557 or visit [email protected].

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