The family of a Seattle Seahawks fan used his obituary to poke fun at the team about Sunday’s loss at Super Bowl XLIX.

Michael Vedvik, 53, of Kent, Washington, died a day after the Seahawks lost to the New England Patriots in the final seconds of the game.

The obituary, published in the Spokane Spokesman-Review on Thursday, says Vedvik “loved his family, work, clients, traveling, the Seahawks and life,” and goes on to say:

“We blame the Seahawks lousy play call for Mike’s untimely demise.”

Vedvik’s sister wrote the obituary but his brother added in the joke, his wife told The Spokesman-Review.

“My husband would have thought it was hysterical,” Stephanie Vedvik said. “If I had read this obituary to my husband about somebody else, he would have had a laugh.”

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