Whether he originated the phrase generally attributed to him or not (some say Thomas Paine should be credited), Thomas Jefferson and his followers, the Jeffersonian Democrats, subscribed to the theory, “That government is best which governs least.” President Andrew Jackson was also an adherent to the philosophy of tightly limited government.

In a strange twist of irony, the modern Democratic Party, which traces its roots to the Jeffersonian Democrats and holds an annual Jefferson-Jackson Day fundraising event, has become the party associated in most people’s minds with big unrestrained government. The two former presidents must roll over in their graves.

Now there is an alternative party for true Jeffersonians and Jacksonians, as well as other freedom-loving patriots, to enroll in. Any Maine resident eligible to vote can now register as a Libertarian. You simply fill out the registration card and, in selecting your party affiliation, check the “other” box and write the word “Libertarian.” It’s that simple.

If 5,000 people enroll by Dec. 31, the Libertarian Party will achieve official status on election ballots in the same way the Green Party became recognized years ago. I do not understand why the mainstream news media has not given more attention to this political development.

Less government means more freedom and individual liberty.

Roger Sproul


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