Congratulations to Bruce Poliquin for voting against repeal of the Affordable Health Care. I know there are parts of the bill that he may not like, but they can be worked out. What he said, in effect, was, “I am from Maine, and I will not be led around like a sheep.”

Nobody with any desire to help wants to be part of a leadership that votes 56 times to repeal an act that they know will be defeated. Is this leadership or stupidity?

Intelligent people know the problems with the Affordable Care Act can be worked out. We spend millions of dollars each year on weapons to kill people, can we not spend some on providing health care for our people?

Then we have Darrell Issa trying to prove the State Department was the blame for the actions at Benghazi, and it took almost 30 hearings to prove there were none.

Never mind all of the wasted time, that might be a blessing, how about all the wasted money?

Just think what would happen if we get a Republican House, Senate and White House. Please don’t let that happen. No one will know what they will try to do.

We need leaders like we used to have when Ed Muskie and Margaret Chase Smith were serving our nation.

Tom Brazier


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