During one of our recent snowstorms, I had the fortune of meeting some wonderful people in Richmond and felt the kindness and generosity of several of them.

I am a French and Spanish teacher in RSU 2, and I travel to all the elementary schools within the district. That day, I was driving through Richmond on my way to Dresden, when I was unable to brake or climb the hill in my little car because I couldn’t get enough traction.

Some people helped me get my car safely off the road. I called my principal to tell her about my problem, and a few minutes later Police Chief Scott MacMaster came to drive me over to Dresden Elementary School so I could teach my lessons.

After my morning classes, two men helped plow and shovel out my car and led me on a different, less steep and safer route to Marcia Buker School.

Needless to say, I have since purchased four new tires and an emergency kit. I am so thankful for all the help that I received and feel humbled and proud to be welcomed into this community. Merci beaucoup and muchas gracias!

Jonna Bouré


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