The Wabanakis want a smaller meeting with School Administrative District 54 board members and administration. As a former school board member who met with Wabanaki representatives years ago, I fully agree that a smaller meeting in which a better understanding of the situation is needed.

At the earlier meeting in which I was involved, we just didn’t get it. We thought that giving a more respectful representation was all that was needed to honor the Indian heritage of the community. We were wrong.

When Barry Dana said, “Man is not a mascot,” I finally got it. He is correct. A human being is not a mascot.

If one intends to honor another, one does not do what one knows is offensive to the other.

A smaller meeting with the board that makes the decision is needed to fully discuss and understand the matter. Later, a meeting with the community to further that understanding makes sense. The board must do what it deems as right to bring a peaceful and respectful resolution.

Carol Rasmussen


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