For once, I must agree with Paul LePage — he has evolved, but into what I don’t know.

I sat on a local school board for almost 25 years. In those years, I watched the supposedly 55 percent revenues promised from the state slowly disappear every year — which, by the way, increases local taxes. Now LePage wants the rest.

Regionalize, he says; we have, I can say with fact. Regionalization has not saved money, but it has increased budgets. I have no bad feelings to the towns who joined one town or another. It’s just our town saved nothing and actually is spending more.

LePage says this will not affect the mortgage taxes, and that is a lie. Increasing to 6.5 percent will not cover the loss from state revenues. We will continue to push for a fixed budget and push elderly people out of their homes. Why can we change the rules at this time in their lives when they have more than paid their share. Now they have to pay again.

When we fight for taxes, it affects education, the poor and the elderly (on the wings of the middle class). We end up giving to one by taking from the other. We need to support all of them. This is morally right.

I hope legislators see this problem and actually do something about it. We can always surprise the world; start now to give our governments back to the people.

It’s sad how LePage has evolved. I too grew up in Waterville, had a tough life, did better and never forgot where I came from or how we all struggled.

Donna M. Doucette


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