INDUSTRY — Giddy-Up & Go 4-H Horse Club recently held its annual Hay Raiser for Double B Equine Rescue. Even though Double B received numerous donations of hay and grain, the organizaation can still use more to help the horses, ponies, minis and donkeys in their care.

Brenda and Lenny Green, and a small group of volunteers, are the providers of all that care which has been particularly hard during this unusually cold winter. Located on the West Mills Road, Double B’s three barns provide shelter, but the five acres of field are under a heavy blanket of snow. The horses eat more than $50 worth of hay a day, according to a news release from the club. They constantly need their stalls cleaned and many of them, especially the older horses, need to be blanketed when the temperatures drop.

The horses presently at Double B range in age from a 2 year old, who was born at the facility, to Ryan, a horse well into his 30s. Ryan has bad teeth and is on a special diet. He has a permanent home at the shelter, comfortably living out his last years.

At this time, Double B needs hay, they also need blankets, buckets and bedding. Donations of grain are also welcome. They will use any monetary donations for veterinary and farrier expenses, according to the release.

To make a donation, call Giddy-Up & Go’s leader Janine Winn at 778-3856.

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