My thanks to those union members working at FairPoint who chose to stand up for their families and their community; who chose, by their own vote, to challenge the rule of corporate greed so dominant in today’s version of capitalism.

Make no mistake, the current FairPoint management and their political allies wanted to build a corporation only to sell it in a few years at a huge profit. That profit, they calculated, could be built on the backs of the very people who would deliver that value: the men and women who do the work.

In their action saying “enough is enough,” these working people, your friends and neighbors, stood not just for themselves, but also for every working person. Their demand was to be treated like human beings. That they lost some ground is undeniable. After all, management had all the cards, but they did not have all the players.

I am proud to say I know some of these men and women. I thank them for standing, through cold and rain, day after day, having the courage and fortitude to fight for a better tomorrow for all working people.

Stephen Aucoin


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