Metallic mining would create an environmental disaster that would pose a major threat to Maine’s clean water.

Last year, the Legislature overwhelmingly defeated the proposed mining rules. Why is the same mining bill being considered again?

Mining for metals in sulfide rock deposits creates sulfuric acid and toxic runoff (acid mine drainage), which devastates water quality, kills aquatic life and could jeopardize the habitat of Maine’s native brook trout. Maine’s birds, wildlife and human beings also depend on clean water to survive.

Metallic mining in sulfide deposits has caused major environmental disasters in the United States and Canada. Sulfide mines generate pollution that requires ongoing treatment in perpetuity, deferring cleanup costs to future taxpayers not yet born. There are no new mining technologies that prevent mining pollution.

Maine taxpayers still are paying cleanup costs ($23 million to date) for the Callahan mine in Brooksville, after owners went bankrupt and closed the mine 40 years ago; $1.7 million is budgeted this year to continue the cleanup at the mine.

The North Woods of Maine are a national treasure and are far more valuable to the people of Maine than any minerals beneath the mountains. It is the duty of Maine’s legislators to preserve Maine’s environment for future generations.

We have to ask our legislators why we would risk an environmental disaster for the benefit of corporate greed.

I urge other residents to voice their opinions to their legislators. We need to protect Maine from the destructive practice of metallic mining.

Dave Wood


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