It appears David Trahan (March 10 column, “Loophole in signature gathering process”) just can’t get enough of himself. He won; he should get over it.

He continues to bring up the out-of-state funds used in the late bear hunting referendum. Why not mention the in-state funds?

It matters not which side of this debate one supported. The fact is there was a large sum of “public funds” to pay for dozens and dozens of TV commercials to promote Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife views.

In essence, the department used our money to promote its cause, whether or not we agreed with those views.

DIF&W continually whines about lack of funding for this or that, but somehow miraculously finds plenty of money for never-ending, one-sided, fear-fueled commercials.

What ever happened to just plain old honest facts?


If that department had any intentions of being factual, it would say it like it is. The referendum was not a safety issue at all. Unfortunately, like everything else in today’s world, it was all about the money.

The DIF&W has lost the respect of many people I have spoken to, including those in my household.

Unfortunately, it has become nothing more than just another political organization.

Mychael Bartholf


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