In a March 19 letter to the editor, “Why not address public funds spent on referendum?” Mychael Bartholf states, “There was a large sum of ‘public funds’ used to pay for dozens and dozens of TV commercials that state officials (wardens, biologists and others) appeared in,”

Well, that is just not true. Whatever happened to just plain old honest facts?

All money used to pay for commercials against the bear referendum was donated. There were no, and I repeat, no public funds used.

The fact that any money had to be spent in the first place, let alone $2.5 million, to defend something like this is absolutely absurd. We are all entitled to our opinion and we have a right to vote the way we want. Bartholf should have his facts straight before he writes about something he obviously knows little about.

Brett Patten

St. Albans

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