As my inattentive Legislature contemplates a 40 percent pay raise, jury duty pays $1.25 per hour taxed and one-quarter the cost of mileage reimbursed goes unnoticed, as does wages. As a young person making $1.25 per hour I was paid in silver coin without taxation. That coin today is worth $16.20 untaxed.

While we print astronomical amounts of paper money and commodity prices drop like a rock, the commodity stock market booms. To me, a 0 percent interest rate for seven years while prices of beef went up 20 percent some years and 8 percent this year assumes great loss of value.

The only solution to keep our monetary system sound and avoid collapse of government and the fiat currency and all that infers is to raise minimum wage to $16.20 an hour.

Are you better off today than when Ronald Reagan or Paul LePage was elected?

Bruce Clark


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