Skowhegan has another legacy: It is rooted in the Kennebec River and the forests that surround us.

Settlers have been drawn here since the beginning because of this combination of resources. It took courage, strength and independence to make a living here. People who have been drawn here have flourished. The forest and its wood harvest, plus the river with access to fish, travel and power, served as a foundation for this community to grow.

I am reminded of this heritage every time I drive by Skowhegan Savings Bank and see the log driver wind vane. It is a proud heritage that represents people who worked hard, risked much, raised families and put down their roots. They made this community.

When I speak with colleagues and friends, some recent immigrants and some with roots going back generations, there is a general comfort with the idea of the log driver as a symbol of this community and its heritage.

Every challenge raises opportunity. We have an opportunity now to recognize a heritage that is our own. The image of the log driver captures that heritage. It stands for everything we would want in a symbol of our pride. No one else can lay claim to this heritage. It is something of which we can all be proud.

Roger Renfrew


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