As I sit here thinking about the tax preparer coming this afternoon, I can’t help but also think about what the fine is going to be for not having insurance under Obamacare. It rankles me and it makes me think about how unfair and perhaps illegal it is to levy a fine on someone simply because they cannot afford something, such as health insurance.

In my home, if I only have $200 in my checking account and my bills for that month are $300 then something doesn’t get paid. The government does this all the time and it’s OK for it. So, why not me? I don’t buy things I cannot afford, either. What foolishness that would be.

Many Americans have been priced/squeezed out of Obamacare because Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act formula doesn’t care about what your bills are. There isn’t even a place to demonstrate that your bills exceed your ability to purchase Obamacare, even with the subsidies they offer.

So, here I sit waiting for the bad news. Even though I might have been getting a return on my taxes, it will be gobbled up by the fine for not buying Obamacare. Just another excuse for the government to stick its hand into your pocket is how I see it.

I wish we had a bloc of both Democrat and Republican politicians who would review and rescind Obama’s folly, ACA. Only divine intervention and common sense can help us now against this full-on assault against middle America.

Charles Ferguson


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