Spring has sprung, and we will soon be out enjoying the weather.

Sadly, all the shelves in the stores that sell poisons to kill dandelions and other so-called “weeds” will be full.

Yes, at the first sign of spring popping up in the form of dandelions, humans get ready with trigger sprays to kill them. The big companies get rich selling poisons to us from TV ads that convince us to buy their products. It makes us feel like a cowboy to shoot things when they come up out of the ground.

This year, why not hire some children to pick the dandelions? Bag them up and sell them to health food stores or use them for the healthy salads and greens we all need, put them in soups.

I give dandelions to my rabbits and guinea pig all summer and fall. They love them, and they are free.

Dandelion wine is great and would be ready by Christmas.


Even the old timers know the dandelion roots are good for a liver tonic boiled or dried for later. Why buy medicine, when it’s free?

The poisons to kill these spring beauties causes skin problems, asthma, nervous system problems and more, especially in children and pets playing on treated lawns.

This spring, pick, don’t spray. Google “dandelion” and learn that it’s not just a weed.

Suzanne DeBiase, Anson

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