On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrated Christ’s resurrection, and I read Bill Nemitz’s column, unaware that the reason his gutsy, deal-with-it-big-guy columns have been absent is because he is battling cancer. That same week, I entered my own battle with it, but hope to read more good stuff from Bill soon.

I don’t know if Bill is religious, but I am not. Nevertheless, I highly respect the right of people of all faiths to practice in their homes or places of worship. This is an important fundamental right protected by our national constitution. It works, don’t mess with it.

Unfortunately, there is current effort afoot to do just that, to “protect” individual’s right to practice their own religion — allowing them to covertly discriminate against, and impose their beliefs, under the guise of religion, on others. I think that whenever or wherever a product or service is offered to the general public, that service should be provided to all persons who are legally entitled to it. No one should be denied because the believer thought the woman should have been accompanied by an adult male family member, or was Jewish, black or gay.

Also that week, some friends have said, ” I will pray for you.” For this I am grateful, and profoundly moved because the message is this: I hope all good things for you, and implore my spiritual forces to make it better. Hey, good karma.

I wish good karma for Nemitz and his family. I ask my friends to pray for him.

A. Delaine Nye


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