Well, I went to the silent protest last night at Skowhegan Area Middle School and the meeting that followed that concerned using the name Indians to describe the residents of Skowhegan. Here are some of my thoughts and observations:

1. With the amount of taxes that go to support School Administrative District 54, you would think they could afford a sound system that works.

2. I don’t understand why tribal leaders had to come from so far away to speak. Are there no Native Americans who live in Skowhegan that have an opinion concerning this matter? That’s who I want to hear from. What business is it of those from away how we run our community. It would be the same as if the town manager of Madison tells Skowhegan’s town manager how to run our business.

3. I didn’t think they wanted to be called Indians. I thought they were Native Americans. So if that is the case, then Indians is just a word. Words given this much attention are forced to become powerful.

4. What are the plans for counter-point? So far this has been a one-sided conversation. A healthy discourse of ideas is what keeps a democracy vibrant and alive. Until everyone gets his say the issue will never be resolved.

5. Are we on a slippery slope? Is the next step going to be to change our town name and remove our town seal and tear down the wooden Indian?

6. Many of the residents who live in Skowhegan have Native American blood coursing through their veins. Let those who live here decide.

Lynda Quinn


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