WATERVILLE — Health workshops are planned at the Hospice Memorial Healing Garden, behind Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area, Eustis Parkway for June, July and August.

These workshops are intended to offer those suffering from loss many possible ways to heal/transform themselves. The garden itself is an oasis, a refuge, a place for people to remember their loved ones. For those struggling with their memories and/or their lives, perhaps wondering how to go forward, these workshops may open doors through transformative techniques, according to a news release.

Presenters will speak from their hearts, offer knowledge gleaned from their own experiences. Each session is limited to eight people, with a request that they pre-register with Joan Osborn at HVWA by calling 873-3615. These free workshops will take place from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursdays at the Hospice Memorial Healing Garden; rain or shine.

2015 Workshops in the Garden

• June 11: “Letting go of what you expect life to be …” with Susan Golden, a yoga workshop.

This yoga workshop will begin with some breath work, setting an intention, gentle movement for all levels of fitness, and will end with guided meditation and a resting pose.


• June 25: “Healing through Music and Art” with Elaine Malkin and Gail Lipfert.

This workshop will include listening to calming, but emotional music played on violin and guitar. A “Turlutte” will be taught — a simple “mouth music” piece to engage the voice and body, and simple art supplies will be offered with guidance to express deep feelings. The music touches the non-verbal, emotional side of the brain, freeing the art to flow from the heart.

• July 9: Meditation

Carmela Thompson: “Practicing Meditation & Gratitude in the Face of Losing a Son”

Jeff Matranga: “Introduction to Meditation”

• July 23: “Connecting with Nature using Art and Poetry” with Sarah Carlson


With the work of Thomas Locker (water colorist and author/poet) as a springboard, people will use crayon resist to paint something from the natural world that resonates within. With creative brains activated people will then write a short poem using an easy, open and fun writing technique.

• Aug. 6: “Journaling/Writing for Healing” with Phyllis Capanna

Journaling can be a powerful tool for healing. Come spend an hour and a half in the safest place there is: within the covers of a private journal. Please bring a notebook and pen.

• Aug. 20:

Qigong: Gentle Movements and Breathing” with Danielle Tognato

The class, for all levels, synchronizes with breathing techniques. For people who have difficulty standing, slightly modified movements can be done while sitting in a chair.

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