There is no better way to spend a rainy Monday than in a new set of fleece pajamas — especially if you’re a 2-week old Nigerian pygmy goat.

With temperatures dipping into the 40s during a spate of steady rain this week, Hope and Chris Hill of Sunflower Farm Dairy used the unseasonably cool temperatures to help two of their youngest, four-legged charges keep warm.

Winifred, in the strawberry romper, and Monty, in blue and gray, seem to take to their new duds in fine style, by leaping around joyfully.

“It was rainy and freezing for this time of year,” Hope Hall said. “I thought, ‘oh my gosh, they’re the perfect size and it’s really chilly out and I bet they would appreciate some warmth.’ ”

The outfits are sold online and made especially for baby goats.

Weighing no more than about 10 pounds, the 2-week old kids are destined either for a life as a pet, or as a milk-producing member of the Hall’s no-cull dairy in Cumberland, where they make cheese, fudge and caramels.

Hall said that to most people’s surprise, this breed of dairy goat does not grow out of its adorableness.

“The treat of Nigerian dwarf goats is that they stay small, they’re manageable, and they have such distinct individual personalities,” she said.

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