The letter to the editor in Friday’s paper by Michael Turner (“Noting who voted against keeping nickname,” June 5) has a lot of misinformation.

I am the only board member running for re-election to the School Administrative District 54 board of directors this time. Both sides of the Indian/mascot issue felt the board needed a vote that night. There had been repeated threats to not pass the school budget without it.

Also, the motion had to be to stop using the Indian name, as Superintendent Colbry made it clear that no motion meant it would stay the same.

Both sides wanted a vote that night prior to the budget hearing. I talked to another board member about it prior to that meeting, and that board member also stated that she knew the towns would want a roll call vote. I knew the correct procedure for how to do that so I made the motion. I think we all were surprised the vote was that close.

I hope now that people will keep their word and pass the district budget on Tuesday, June 9. I am the only one up for re-election and I hope you will vote for me. I can’t imagine this board ever bringing up this issue again.

Our towns need to come together and do what is best for all of our students. Passing the budget will help do that.

Thank you.

Jane Arthur


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