Linda and I enjoyed the stunning scenery along the Kennebec River en route to Northern Outdoors in the Forks a couple of week ago.

We were traveling Old Canada Road (Route 201), and at several points along the way, Linda had to remind me to keep my eyes on the road!

Maine has lots of stunningly scenic byways, and thanks to the Department of Transportation, they are easy to find using the Explore Maine website. There, in the Scenic Byways section, you will find maps, descriptions, and even travel times for each byway.

Reading the description of the Old Canada Road, I learned that, “Route 201 follows the old river trading paths of the Abenaki tribe, leading visitors back in time through towns where turn-of-the-century homes line the main thoroughfare. This byway passes through The Forks, where the Dead and Kennebec Rivers meet. This area is well-known for rafting expeditions down these swift-flowing rivers. The route ends at the U.S. international border crossing at Sandy Bay.”

Maine has three National Scenic Byways, including Old Canada Road, and 10 Maine Scenic Byways. Linda and I have traveled most of these roads, from western to downeast Maine, and it’s nice to know they are recognized and promoted. Wait ‘til you travel the byway titled, the “Million Dollar View!” We especially enjoy the byways in western Maine, and the Bold Coast byway in Washington County.

There are lots of links to other websites and information on the Explore Maine website, too, so you should really check it out.