I would like to comment on behalf of Mark Bussell, the man sentenced recently on a manslaughter charge (“Skowhegan man sentenced to prison for 2013 OUI fatal,” May 29).

Mark is my friend and always will be. I remember well the night this tragic accident happened in which James Murphy lost his life. There was extreme fog in the area which made driving treacherous for anyone who chose to be on the road.

I would also like to clarify the point of Bussell’s blood alcohol content of being greater than .08. When the defense had Bussell’s blood sample tested, the findings were less than .08.

As for Betty Austin’s comments about her hoping Bussell turn his life around while incarcerated, I can personally state that incarceration is the worse place to begin. Bussell is the best father to his children. He is a very hardworking construction worker and provides for his children in all possible ways.

In this state, the sentencing guidelines do not make sense. A man leaves a methadone clinic in Penobscot County, kills a school teacher and gets two years. Bussell has no criminal background and gets four years. Maine’s judicial system is very biased and a person’s life hangs in the balance of which side of the bed the judge wakes up on.

Leon Nason


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