The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association is holding a series of meetings this week in Fairfield that allow the public to offer thoughts on the organization and its future.

MOFGA members and the general public can “offer their thoughts on our work, our vision, our values and our mission through four facilitated conversations” Monday night through Thursday, according to a news release from Executive Director Ted Quaday.

Unity-based MOFGA marks its 44th year this month. “Reflecting on MOFGA’s strong reputation, deep traditions and tremendous record of success, our board of directors has determined it is time to take a fresh look at the organization, its membership, the farmers, gardeners and consumers it serves and the work it is doing,” Quaday said in the release.

Those attending the sessions will be asked what MOFGA means to them, what motivates the organization to support and advance organic farms and food, and “If MOFGA were as effective as we can imagine, how would we be different and what would have to change?” according to the release.

“We are also asking everyone who cares about our work to offer their vision of what real success would look like when it comes to growing the organic food movement in Maine,” Quaday said in the release.

“These questions are foundational, and they will help us explore our vision, our values and our mission,” he said. “The conversation that emerges will help us all in shaping MOFGA’s future.”

The public can also write to the organization at [email protected], the release said.

“Through late summer and fall, we’ll work to identify common themes and shape them into clear statements, which will be reviewed and ultimately voted on by MOFGA’s board of directors,” Quaday said.

Quaday said the 44th anniversary “is a tremendous milestone and a tribute to the conviction and vision of our founders.”

“Today, MOFGA remains the oldest and largest state-based organization focused on building the organic food movement,” he said.

The sessions through Wednesday are 6 to 8:30 p.m. Topics include Stewarding Our Association (governance, administration, development) on Monday; Sharing Our Knowledge (education, agricultural services, public policy) on Tuesday; and Celebrating Our Traditions (the Common Ground Fair, volunteers, facilities) on Wednesday. Thursday’s session, from 12:30 to 3 p.m., is on Elevating Our Brand (organic certification).

An agenda and more information is available at

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