It has become very apparent that our men and women in law enforcement are under attack. God help us all. We need them. It appears that some people have forgotten that they are human beings that will make mistakes sometimes.

It was once said by a very wise man who came to the rescue of a woman about to be stoned by others who made judgment on her, “Let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone.” No stone was cast. Funny how this wise man acted like a police officer, there to protect the innocent. His name was Jesus.

We are here to learn love, not hate, and we need protection from those who would choose the latter. We must evolve in our thinking. Funny how the word love is in the word evolve.

When my children were growing up and their dad was a police officer, I would say to them, each time we parted, “Angel wings,” meaning angels wings were around them.

One night, a lone police officer showed up at my door. I knew in my heart something was very wrong. My husband had been cornered in a parking lot and while exiting his patrol car, was taken by surprise and hit and kicked with steel-toed boots into near death.

He was rushed to the hospital, and through God’s grace, he recovered.

After that incident our relationship changed. Something broke. He had been beaten severely and it changed everything.

Whole families are affected by violence, not just the ones attacked. So please, let’s support the good works and intents of our men and women in blue, and I say to everybody, “Angel wings.”

Jane Mullin


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