It is very good to hear that the people of Oakland are considering spending more than $1 million to give the Oakland Police Department a new home.

The condition of their current home, according to the Sept. 2 Sentinel article is — and I quote: “The building has inadequate fire detection and suppression systems and poor records storage capability; isn’t compliant with disability laws; and has problems with water, moisture and mold.”

No one should have to live in such conditions. I hope that the good people of Oakland realize that those conditions, and worse, are what the majority of the Oakland residents that the police department deals with on a daily basis are living in today. I guess the police and those whom they enforce laws upon have something in common.

I do hope that the Oakland Police Department gets their new home. I also hope that all the residents of Oakland will get the same upgrade in their living conditions, all paid from the same source.

Peter P. Sirois


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