September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

If you are a man over 50 and have noticed changes to do with your body’s water system, you may be wondering if you should see a doctor. Fourteen years ago, thankfully, I did.

My PSA was elevated and tests showed I had prostate cancer. I was lucky. The cancer was found early, I was treated and it never came back.

I can assure you, prostate cancer for me was a mere bump in the road of life. But, if I had let it go without taking action, my 14-year good-health story could have been much different.

So I write today to encourage you to take action, too. Don’t wait. If you are over 50, even if you don’t experience problems, talk with your doctor. If you have problems or have a family history, insist on being tested.

If you have experienced prostate cancer, there are monthly discussion group sessions for the benefit of men and partners at the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care.

In any respect, if you would like details or to ask questions, contact me at [email protected]

Nelson Leavitt


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