The remains of Lt. Neil Taylor, a Navy pilot in Vietnam, were finally laid to rest at home in Rangeley Monday, WCSH reports.

It took 50 years and a journey around the world before his family could have a burial and say a proper goodbye.

In his 68th and final mission, Taylor volunteered to fly in the front and was hit by enemy fire.

His family knew he was gone, but never had his body. A forensic military unit spent years searching a rice paddy and months ago, confirmed through DNA that they found his remains.

While his sister Ann wanted a quiet burial, her community insisted on a procession through downtown, full military honors, and a final Navy fighter fly-over, according to the WCSH report.

Everyone from young children to old classmates paid their final respects after 50 years of waiting.

Lt. Taylor was given the Gold Star from the state of Maine and Gov. LePage has issued a proclamation making every Sept. 14 Lt. Taylor Remembrance Day.

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