As usual, M.D. Harmon is lost in his own fantasy world. His recent commentary, “Gun control issue is less about guns than it is about control,” (Oct. 9) about gun control is so ridiculous it left me shaking my head. Gun nuts cannot talk about any answer to mass shootings except with a call for more guns. That is pathetic.

“Put armed professional guards and well-trained volunteer staffers in public schools and everywhere else … and let those who obey the law possess the only effective instruments by which they can defend themselves,” he wrote. This opinion is so wrongheaded in so many ways it boggles the mind.

Obviously his version of modern society is to have everyone packing a gun and to start blasting away at any time. Being a military officer, Harmon probably never saw a war he did not like and would like to perpetually live in a war zone.

His solutions leave people dead. It is a sad place he lives in, and I definitely do not want to live in the world he envisions.

Richard Clement


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