A grumpy goat in Standish has become an overnight social media sensation.

A seven-second video of the unhappy Stelli, a 4-year-old Nigerian Dwarf, has gained more than a million looped views on Vine, a popular video-sharing site.

In the video, the milking goat appears to be venting some serious animal angst while engaged in a conversation with Wendy Almeida at Almeida’s small hobby farm.

Almeida explained that Stelli expects her breakfast of grain and hay to be served promptly after sunrise, and she will vocalize her anger if breakfast is late.

“In the morning, she talks to you in goat language,” said Almeida. “It’s ‘Come on, hurry up. I’m waiting.’ She’s hilarious.”

Almeida, an employee of the Portland Press Herald, has been posting Vine videos about Stelli in recent months. This one, taken on Sunday, struck a chord with viewers because it appears to show Stelli engaged in a reciprocating conversation.


The popularity of the video grew exponentially on Monday, with lots of shares on Twitter and Tumblr. By Friday, the video had reached more than 1 million views.

Stelli is owned by Almeida’s 18-year-old daughter, Lucia, who keeps a herd of eight goats and shows them at Maine fairs.

“She tends to talk a lot,” Almeida said of Stelli. “She’s a little bossy in the herd.”


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